Under Development, Submitted, and Accepted Items

For Accepted Items, Date reflects year acceptance notification was received:

Lahm, R. J., Jr. (2016).  A Guide to Online Tools for Entrepreneurs (grant funded project on behalf of the SBTDC – Small Business and Technology Development Center).

Lahm, R. J., Jr. (2016).  State of the Entrepreneurial Blogosphere 2016.  Manuscript under development; this is an update from previously published articles at five year intervals (2011 and 2006).

Stowe, C.R.B. & Lahm, R. J., Jr. (2016).  Business continuity planning for small businesses and entrepreneurs: Developing a framework before things go wrong.  Manuscript under development.

Lahm, R. J., Jr. & Perry, L. (2016).  Service learning and social entrepreneurship: A case for collaboration.  Manuscript under development.

Perry, L., Lahm, R. J., Jr., Schauer, A. & Rumble, Z. (2016).  The Crossroads of Social Entrepreneurship, Community Engagement, and Learning Communities.  Manuscript accepted for journal publication in, American Journal of Entrepreneurship [Special Issue: Entrepreneurship Education].