Public Speaking Topics

Dr. Robert Lahm is passionate  about removing barriers to creativity and innovation, and in so doing unleashing the potential in every one of his audience members to attain successes that they had never imagined possible.

He has spent a lifetime doing his homework—you will be amused, and informed at the same time by a consummate “imagineer” who also has the core sensibilities one gains from providing years of service in customer and client-centered roles.

The leadership lessons embodied in his presentations are laced with humor, and based on “street wisdom” as well as a keen understanding of the sociological, technological, and structural impediments to productively managing change. Since his “second career” has entailed a transformation to that of an educator, he has honed his platform presence through addressing the learning needs of thousands of students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.  His talks and consultations are geared to those who are in need of thoughtful critique and a call to action.  Yet, these are embedded in an uplifting message filled with upside-down, inside-out, backwards, forwards, and all around-insights from the mind of a visual artist-turned visioning process leader.

Speaker’s Fees

Speaker’s fees are dependent on a variety of factors such as audience size and composition, total elapsed time involved in servicing an engagement, and the level of support extended by the sponsoring organization (e.g., in assisting with travel, A/V equipment usage, and similar arrangements). Engagements that are meant to “significantly increase productivity” and provide motivation for otherwise well-paid professional staff on behalf of for-profit entities will involve higher fees than those geared to public service oriented organizations (i.e., not-for-profit entities). Travel and expense policies apply to all speaking and consulting engagements.