Graduate Courses

Western Carolina University

ENT 600 – Entrepreneurial Planning.
Tools for venture creation and management.
♦    Introduced a course project wherein students extensively interview entrepreneurs (and if given permission) journalistically share audio, video, and textual content on a blog.

ENT 601    Entrepreneurial Innovation.
Examination of invention, enhancement, originality, divergent thinking, and innovation in research, development, enhancement, and strategy in businesses and organizations.

ENT 610    Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategy.
As applicable to entrepreneurial firms: Market research, advertising strategy, historically significant promotional campaigns, media planning, engaging professional services.

ENT 630    Entrepreneurial Growth.
Venture expansion analysis, global competitiveness, development of distinctive competencies, and growth potential, including e-commerce and international operations.
♦    Introduced project wherein students develop and use their own blogs as a repository for essay/article assignments.

ENT 640    Entrepreneurial Funding.
Financial forecasting to include pro forma cash flows; reporting systems.

ENT 645 (693*)    Entrepreneurial Marketing.
Tools for marketing that are effective for entrepreneurial (e.g., start-up) businesses.
♦    Introduced this course to fill a need on the part of students to understand and develop guerrilla (bootstrap) marketing promotions.  Based on positive feedback, course was adopted as part of the Master of Entrepreneurship (M.E.) Degree Program.

ENT 655  Starting a New Venture.
Team-taught course; creation (and presentation/vetting) of a business plan that is capable of supporting a case for financial investment.

MBA 602    Strategy and Marketing.
Team-taught course; including environmental survey, competitive analysis, buyer behavior, and strategic marketing plans.
♦    Supervise student engagements with clients; team projects designed to assess and address challenges by not-for-profit and for-profit clients, and including community economic development projects; joint projects with campus entities such as the SBTDC and the Kimmel School (e.g., engineering, technology).

MBA 641  Marketing Management.
Team-taught course; managing marketing strategy, product positioning, product, channels, communications, pricing strategies, and marketing research.  Developing innovative strategies to respond in the international marketplace.