is an advocacy site that I started at a time when credit card company abuses were rampant.  After the passage of laws and regulations, three things have happened:

1) Even with prime rates at all time lows, credit card interest rates are high, just as the banking industry said they would become.   But this is okay, as many of the truly abusive practices – “tricks and traps” – seem to have subsided a bit. 

2) Although I have (mostly) moved on to focus on other things (teaching, research, and service), I’ll never forget.

3) I keep hosting this site, as a reminder of the kinds of bad behaviors some of these people were (are) willing to engage in, unless the public holds them accountable.  Just don’t ever forget who you’re dealing with here.  Some bankers and their lobbyists are still bullies and thugs.  Albeit, they may wear nice suits or golfing apparel while entertaining congressional representatives.